Before coming to OFC I was in a full leg brace and was told I could never dance again. The day I came to visit, I left the office without my crutches and my brace and was back in the studio in a week. The whole entire staff of OFC has made it possible for me to be healthy again and dance. I could NEVER thank you guys enough for everything you have done for me.

I am happy to provide a testimonial to the result of the Standard Process Purification Program I experienced. I had my medical doctor review the program at my annual physical and also completed my cholesterol blood lab work up to get a base line.

I completed the 21 day program and stayed on the diet portion of the program for an additional 9 days, then had cholesterol lab work completed. Upon receipt of the lab results I could only smile to see that I was not "cursed" by the hereditary cholesterol bug. I dropped my total cholesterol 70 points along with significantly reducing HDL, LDL & total risk and also my weight by 20 lbs.

Our family started coming to OFC 8 years ago. I was pregnant with our 3rd child and chiropractic care helped me perform daily duties throughout the pregnancy. We also began to take our small children and baby for regular care. They slept better at night, and whenever one of the started to get sick we got them adjusted right away. They got better in a couple of days instead of getting worse. Our 4th child had reflux and would often throw up after nursing. After starting her on regular chiropractic care, the reflux stopped.

Last year I was lethargic and exhausted for more than several weeks and also had constant low back pain. Dr. Kirby tested me for adrenal fatigue and recommended some supplements. In a few weeks the back pain subsided and the fatigue went away.

My husband's wrist had been in constant pain for months, from heavy lifting at work. He recently did the PEMF therapy at OFC. The pain in his wrist went away immediately, and has not returned.

We are very thankful to OFC for helping our family to be healthy and for helping us to achieve further wellness. You are a blessing.

I have been a patient at OFC for 4 years. When I first started, I had neck and back pain, which is now gone! I had also had thyroid cancer and did not want to be put on prescription medication. I am always looking for a healthier way without taking prescription meds.

Throughout my pregnancies, I continued chiropractic care and had no problems or complications. Both of my children started going to OFC when they were 1 week old. My oldest daughter has never had and antibiotic and she is full of energy and rarely even gets a cold! My youngest gets adjusted regularly and is very healthy as well. I believe having regular chiropractic care is why my girls are as healthy as they are. We have friends and family that do not use chiropractic care, and their children have multiple ear infections and colds throughout the year.

The staff at OFC has always made our family feel welcome and comfortable whenever we are there. I recommend everyone I care about to become a patient at OFC. My family has been very fortunate and grateful that we are as strong and healthy as we are, and pray for many more healthy years to come.

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