ADHDAttention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is one of the most commonly diagnosed conditions in children. Consequently, a rocketing number of children are being medicated with potentially damaging drugs. Dr. Kirby Perrault is extremely concerned about this trend.

Although doctors of chiropractic do not specifically treat psychological problems like ADHD, a number of studies show that chiropractic intervention can make a genuine difference for children with ADHD, and chiropractic can help eliminate the need for medications.

Theories on how chiropractic care may alleviate ADHD

Just how might chiropractic improve attention? One theory suggests that problems in the spine (vertebral subluxations) may affect the central nervous system in a manner that predisposes a child to emotional problems.

Vertebral Subluxation occurs when the vertebrae (spinal bones) are subjected to a functional or structural changes, which affect the spine and how it supports the body. People often adapt physically to these changes in ways that trigger disturbances in the central nervous system, as well as in other organs throughout the body. Naturally, this condition compromises general health, and influences behavior and emotional well-being.

Another theory holds that physical pain and discomfort make it impossible for a child to pay full attention. Chiropractic care alleviates discomfort, and in turn upping attention span.

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